Sale of spare parts for power plants

We have a department for the sale of parts for power plants and distribution boards. We offer our clients an efficient quotation service with the best market price.

Send us mail to our online for direct quote 24 hrs a day at:

We offer a wide range of specialized equipment, of high quality, to meet the needs of manufacturing and maintenance of power plants.

Thanks to the experience and knowledge of our technicians and engineers, we have expanded the sales divisions of spare parts by catalog to incorporate the obsolete or difficult to sell parts in the market.

As distributors of spare parts of prestigious brands we have the best price and a large inventory of parts of the following brands

Our business partners

Our inventory of spare parts has

  • Loose motors and generators.
  • Filters and bands for motors:
    • MTU • Doosan • Perkins • Cummins • John Deer • Mitsubishi.
  • DSE control modules.
  • Control modules Com Ap.
  • Voltage regulators.
  • Pressure sensors, coolant level and temperature.
  • Coil and motors for electromagnetic switches
  • Generator protection switches.
  • Battery chargers.
  • National and imported preheater.
  • Shock absorbers.
  • Custom made acoustic cabinets of your current electric plant.
  • Radiators for any type of engine.
  • Transformers of potential, IN OIL TYPE PEDESTA, SUBSTATION etc.

All our components are guaranteed

Electronic governors



Magnetic Pick Up


Senders and Switches


Battery chargers

Soundproof cabins

Deep Sea Electronics controls with automatic start with measurement, RS485 and / or RS232 remote communication ports, network failure and J1939 Ideal motor control for automatic start with 3 types of measurement, voltage sensor, remote communication and J1939.

Ideal motor control for automatic start with 3 types of measurement, voltage sensor, remote communication and J1939

7320 – Automatic start control
with network failure and J1939
• Operating voltage: 8-35 vcd continuous
• Generator input: 15-333VAC (L-N)
• Outputs: 4 (16 amp) fuel and gear
• Auxiliary outputs: 4 (2 amp) configurable
• Programming: by PC (interface and program)
• On-screen measurement:
voltage l-l, voltage l-n, current, frequency, phase sequence, power measurement.
Battery voltage, working hours, speed, oil pressure, water temperature, fuel level.

voltage L-L, voltage L-N. frequency, sequence of phases.
Digital inputs: 8 configurable
Characteristics: Network monitoring, automatic start, transfer unit control. Instrumentation J1939.
Communication: RS232 port, RS485.

Voltage regulators

Basler ACV63-4 Product details

Basler ACV63-7 Product details

Basler APR63-5 Product details

Basler AVC125-10 Product details

Basler AVC63-12 Product details

Basler AVC63-4A Product details

Basler AVC63-7-1A Product details

Basler AVC63-7F Product details

Marathon DVR2000E

Preheaters for electric plant motors

The great variety of preheater we have in our inventories allows us to offer our customers fast deliveries and the correct recommendation which type of preheater corresponds according to the capacity of your engine.

TPS Model

The TPS model is available in 0.5, 1.5, 1.8 and 2.0kW. It can heat generators up to 400kVA. Installation Instructions

CB, CL y WL Models

The CB, CL and WL models are available in powers of 1.5 to 6kW. Can heat generators of 400-800kVA. Installation Instructions

Basler APR63-5 Product details

The CTM model is available in powers of 1, 1.5 and 2.5kW. Can heat generators up to 800kVA. Installation Instructions

WL Models

The WL model (three phase and with electrical connection) is available in powers between 1.5 to 5kW. It circulates refrigerante through motors of between 4,9 and 27L. Installation Instructions

CSM Models

The CSM model is available in powers of 3, 6, 9 and 12kW. It can heat generators of 800-3500kVA. Installation Instructions

Acoustic booths

We keep acoustic booths in our warehouse for immediate delivery, if special booths are required, our engineers are willing to make measurements for the adaptation to your power plant, whatever its brand.

  • Outdoor cabins 80dB @ 7 mts.
  • Acoustic cabins 78dB @ 7 mts.
  • We design acoustic rooms

Fuel tanks

We have fuel tanks for the diesel generator is often a great idea. One of the benefits is a longer term time before refueling is necessary. The compact design of sub-base tanks provides fuel storage without the need for an additional remote control tank.

We have ample in stock for immediate delivery

We contemplate all your installation needs and accessories for your generator

Base tank of 150 liters

Base fuel tank double wall capacity in liters: 184

Base fuel tank type base of 300 liters u.l. capacity in liters: 188

Base fuel tank 600 liter base type with digital meter

Base fuel tank of 1000lts. capacity in liters: 195

Base tank of 6000 lts with UL rules

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