Electrical governors

As distributors of America Governors Corp GAC we have electronic governors and magnetic Pick Up in stock, these have been designed and manufactured in various configurations to meet the requirements of the application using analog and digital control technologies.

They have the protections of:

· Reverse polarity of the battery.
· Fail-safe protection in case of loss of speed sensor signal or battery voltage.
· Coated with a layer so that they are resistant to vibration and moisture.
A wide variety of application needs are also incorporated in all GAC speed control units with constant or variable speed control in isochronous or fall operation.

Actuator for Electronic Governor ACD100-12

Actuator for Electronic Governor ATB251T1N-12 or -24

Electronic Governor ESD5550

Electronic Governor ESD5526E

Electronic Governor ESD5500ES

Electronic Governor ESD5550

Electronic Governor ESD5221

Electronic governors

DPG series:
Digital regulator and actuator for Shangdong Kangda BQ series pumps – SmartVU PC software

  • DPG10x
  • DFT200 Series 12 or 24VDC / DPG actuator and governor combination (Photon / Feed calibration is DFT) – Also available is the DPG101-RP, which is the electronics only replacement kit.
  • Enhanced electronic controller of the EEG series – Replaces the simplified and simplified EDG5500 / PID / Protection and recording of complete faults / Auxiliary input / Variable speed, Droop and isochronous control
  • EEG6500 (CE) Multi-VDC / Built-in display / Terminal strip / All actuators (Low / Normal and High current – Except ACB2001)
    EEG6550 Multi-VDC / Built-in display / Gaseous or Diesel / Works with all GAC actuators / With speed switch / Variable speed 0-5VDC or 4-20mA Direct
  • Electronic Governor of the EDG series: no analog drift: Isochronous or Droop selectable governance, overspeed detection, adjustable fuel start strategy, black smoke reduction, variable speed control, AUX GAC / load sharing
  • EDG5500 (CE) Multi-VDC / Simple LCD user interface / Quick setup with 5 buttons, without potentiometers
  • EDG6000 (CE) Multi-VDC / Multiple PID control for complete tuning of the operating range / IP67 Sealed case and connector / RS232 and CAN J1939 Communications / SmartVU PC / 14-pin docking connector not included
  • IGA225S-12 or -24
  • (CE) 12 or 24VDC / ADC225S with integrated EDG6000 / Requires EC1502 or CH1520 (Not included)
  • SDG Series – Smart Digital Governor / Three fixed speeds and 1 variable speed / Overspeed shutdown protection / SmartVU PC software
  • SDG514-01-01 Multi-VDC / Deutsch connector without coupling connector / 5kΩ resistive variable speed input
  • SDG524-01-01 Multi-VDC / Deutsch connector without coupling Connector / voltage Variable speed input 0-5VDC
  • SDG725-01-01 Multi-VDC / SMARTTOUCH keyboard / Fixed speed / variable / fall

Analogue governors

Electronic Governors.

We have the ESD series, ESC and ECC are an electronic devices designed to control the speed of the motor with a fast and accurate response to transient load changes.
This control, when connected to a proportional electric actuator and supplied with a magnetic speed sensor signal or generator voltage, will control a wide variety of motors in an isochronous or drop mode. It is designed for high reliability and ruggedly constructed to withstand the motor environment.

DPG series:
Generator set voltage frequency / Isochronous speed control / Total PID adjustment / Designed to govern from the frequency signal of an AC generator / No magnetic speed tap is required
ECC328-12 or-24 (CE) 12 or 24VDC / Light Force
ESC Series – Electronic speed control / 12-32VDC / Wide speed control units.

  • ESC61C-7 12-32VDC / Standard Unit / Military style connector
  • ESC61C-17 12-32VDC / Variable Speed ​​Connector / military style
  • ESC63C-7 12-32VDC / Standard unit / terminal strip
  • ESC63C-17 12-32VDC / Variable speed / Terminal strip
  • ESC63C-23 12-32VDC / Slow running function / terminal strip
  • Coupling connector EC1200 / Straight / Units ESC61C
  • ESD1000 Series – Isochronous operation / Gain adjustment / Hard Potted
  • ESD1000-12 or -24 (CE) 12 or 24VDC / cable conductors
  • ESD1100-12 or -24 (CE) 12 or 24VDC / Terminal Strip
  • ESD2100 Series – Isochronous and variable operation / Adjustable gain and stability / Speed ​​adjustment input / Sheet metal case
  • ESD2110 (CE) Multi-VDC
  • ESD2200 Series – Isochronous operation / Adjustable PID functions / Speed ​​adjustment pot / Hard planter
  • ESD2210-12 or -24 (CE) 12 or 24VDC / Standard unit
  • ESD2241-24 (CE) 24VDC / Standard unit with inactive circuit
  • ESD2244-12 or -24 (CE) 12 or 24VDC / Light Force (optimized low intensity PID)
  • ESD2300 Series – Variable Speed ​​Operation / Adjustable PID Functions / Overspeed Speed ​​Switch / Pedal
  • ESD2351 12VDC / Works with Williams Foot Pedal
  • ESD2352-12 12VDC / works with Morse Foot pedal
  • ESD2400 Series – Isochronous operation / Adjustable PID functions / Idle control / Anti-trailer circuit / Hard Potted (diesel or gaseous)
  • ESD2401-12 or -24 12 or 24VDC / Designed for GAC actuators without feedback
  • ESD2402-12 or -24 12 or 24VDC
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