Control and transfer boards

Power plants in emergency operation.

Our designs of control and transfer boards are manufactured to operate an open transition operation plant with the normal network, of any electric plant manufacturer. We have inventory with a wide range of capabilities

Control system

Manufactured with control modules Brand ComAp or DEEPSEA.

In any of its versions, these control panels have:

  • On / Off Manual and Automatic.
  • Buttons for simple control.
  • Diagnostic messages.
  • Switch control of the commercial electrical network.
  • LCD graphic screen
  • Parameters completely programmable via PC.
  • Multiple Measurements of the Generator and the Electrical Network.
  • Complete protection of the generator set.
  • Control from a remote station via RS232 or MODEM.
  • Measurement of fuel level in percentage.

These generators controllers operate in:

  • Manual control.
  • Automatic and remote for operation in stand-by mode.
  • Monitoring of the main signals of interest (such as the voltages of the commercial electrical network) and protection of the generator set.

They are equipped with a powerful graphic panel, the icons, symbols and bar graphs for an intuitive operation together with a high functionality, provide a new standard in the control of generator sets.


  • Less amount of components.
  • Integral solution.
  • Less complexity of the system.
  • The best price / performance.

Both the DEEP SEA 7320 or InteliLite® module provide measurement and alarm facilities through the LCD display with the following functions, accessible via the PAGE buttons and the directional arrows:

  • Generator voltage L1-N, L2-N, L3-N.
  • Generator voltage L1-L2, L2-L3, L3-L1.
  • Frequency of the Generator Hz.
  • Speed Motor RPM.
  • Engine Oil Pressure.
  • Motor Temperature.
  • Battery voltage.
  • Voltage of the Electric Network L1-N, L2-N, L3-N.
  • Voltage of the Electric Network L1-L2, L2-L3, L3-L1.
  • Number of Start Attempts.
  • Frequency of the Electric Network Hz.
  • Generator kVA L1, L2, L3, Total.
  • Generator pf L1, L2, L3, Average.
  • Generator kVAr L1, L2, L3, Total.
  • Generator KWh.
  • KVAh generator.
  • KVArh generator.
  • Hours of Motor Service.
  • Remaining time until next maintenance.

Alarms with remote monitoring

  • Low / High Voltage Generator.
  • Over current.
  • Low / High Frequency Generator.
  • Low / Over speed.
  • Load failure.
  • Emergency Stop Button Activated.
  • Low oil pressure.
  • High Motor temperature.
  • Breakdown Failure
  • Failure to start in motor cooling.
  • Short Circuit Generator Protection.
  • Reverse Power
  • Rotation Error of Generator Phases.
  • Earth Fault Protection.
  • Sensing signal of loss of speed.
  • Low / High Voltage Batteries
  • Among other programmable.


  • Alarm / Off by Low / High Voltage Generator.
  • Alarm / Off by Low / High Frequency Generated.
  • Alarm / Off by Low / High Speed.
  • Alarm / Off by Low Pressure Oil.
  • Alarm / Shutdown by High Temperature Motor.
  • High / Low Voltage Battery Alarm.
  • Alarm / Trip Trip / Off by Overcurrent.
  • Off by Reverse Power.
  • Electric / Off by Sequence Phases.
  • Shutdown by Ground Fault.
  • Shutdown by Short Circuit Failure.
  • Cycles adjustable in length and number of starts.
  • External remote start input (On load / No load / on load demand).
  • Entry for System lock.
  • Push button type inputs for load exchange control.
  • Alternator Speed Monitoring.
  • Synchroscope with auto synchronization output.
  • Event History of Alarms and Shutdowns.
  • Control and Remote Total Telemetry (Opt).
  • Graphic LCD display multilanguage type.
  • Multilanguage facility.
  • 9 Digital Inputs – Fully configurable by user and expandable up to 24 entries.
  • 4 Configurable relay outputs.
  • Backlight LCD for operation with low lighting level.
  • Security via Restricted Access PIN Numbers.
  • Skill of SMS Messaging with a GSM Modem (not included).
  • Limited configuration from the front panel -including selection of user language.


Both the InteliLite ComAp or DEEPSEA 7320 control module have user-friendly software. Any change you want to make, just enough to change them in software via PC or front panel. The communication is made through the RS232, Modbus or GSM Modem protocol or via ETHERNET.

Transfer system

Depending on the electrical characteristics of the equipment ranging from 70 to 6300amperes in their different modalities which depending on their rank in which they are located can be built with transfers based on:

  • Switches of the electromagnetic type.
  • Thermomagnetic switches.
  • Magnetic contactors
  • Double shot transfer units.

Depending on the electrical characteristics of the equipment ranging from 70 to 6300amperes in their different modalities which depending on their rank in which they are located can be built with transfers based on:

  • Control modules.
  • Transfers
  • Battery chargers.
  • Closing coils
  • Rearmament motors.

The transfer boards are manufactured in cabinets depending on the need of the use that our customers give them:
Regardless of the dimensions in which these boards should be housed or their construction characteristics.
We manufacture boards tailored to your needs and delivery times.

We build with the manufacturing standards NEMA, UL, NEC.

  • Type NEMA 1:
    Incidental contact (minor) and dirt that falls to Probe 0.250 inches maximum No penetration.
  • Type NEMA 2:
    Dripping, light splashing of liquid 30-minute drip test Limited amount of water inside.
  • Type NEMA 5:
    Dust, dripping and light splashes of liquid deposited 20 psi (170 kPa) spray test No water inside.
  • Type NEMA 12:
    Circulating powder, drip and light splashes of liquid and oil 30-minute drip test 30 psi spray test (200 kPa) No water in
  • Type NEMA 13:
    Circulating powder, liquid and oil spray Water and wetting agent, 2 gallons (7.6 L) / min.
  • 30 minutes without water inside
  • Outdoor.
  • Type NEMA 3:
    Rain, sleet, snow and dust blown by the wind Fire hose, 45 gallons (170 L) / min. Without water inside.
  • Type NEMA 3R:
    Rain, sleet and snow (3) 5 psi rain nozzles – 1 hour Limited amount of water inside; not in living pieces (energized)
  • Type NEMA 4:
    Directed water with fire hose, 65 gallons (246 L) / min. – 5 minutes minimum Without water inside
  • Type NEMA 4X:
    Directed water with hose and corrosion Fire hose, 65 gallons (246 L) / min. – 5 minutes minimum, 200 hours of brackish dew Without water inside
  • Type NEMA 6:
    Temporary immersion at limited depth Submerge at 6 feet (1.8 m) – 30 minutes No water inside
  • Type NEMA 6P:
    Prolonged immersion at limited depth Submerge at 6 feet (1.8 m) – 24 hours Without water inside

Transfer units 70 amp-630amp with DSE7320

As a standard we cover this range with contactor transfers or double shot type which are suitable to have their operation both in automatic mode and in a manual operation by means of a lever ensuring the transfer or re-transfer of the load.

We develop transfer systems with multi-transfer magnetic contactors.

800amp-1000amp transfer units with DSE7320.

The transfers used in this range are manufactured with switches of thermo-magnetic type incorporating the brands of market-leading switches.
These transfer systems are also manufactured on the basis of double-throw switches that contain both electrical and mechanical safety features for easy access to the power wiring connection. For this purpose, an arrangement of electrolytic copper bars arranged to receive both mechanical shoes is included.

Transfer units 1250A- 6300AMP with DSE7320

This wide range of amperage allows us to offer a wide variety of designs for these applications basing the construction of these transfer systems with switches of the electromagnetic type which both in its version of the fixed type that is the standard type as well as the removable type. which are housed in a cabinet that complies with the characteristics required by the official Standards, also depending on the user’s requirements being designed to comply with the correct operation of generator sets.

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